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ADHD and Friendships: Why is the struggle so real?

I feel that this is one of the biggest struggles for those of us with ADHD, yet not talked about enough at all! ⁣

Bottom line...we need HELP ourselves and our kids with ADHD learn how to navigate friendships/relationships!

It doesn’t come natural and therefore awareness and strategies need to be put into place in order to grow in this critical area of life! ⁣

WHY!? Because our brains are wired in a way that often we...⁣

*miss social cues!⁣

*miss important information during an interaction! ⁣

*are misunderstood!⁣

*misunderstand others reaction towards us!⁣

*misguide the relationship with intense emotions! ⁣

These obstacles would make it difficult for anyone to make and/or maintain a relationship! ⁣

Tomorrow I will post a video of a few strategies to start with! ⁣

Until then...what is your biggest obstacle in terms of friendship/relationship challenges!?The first step is always awareness and releasing the struggle so that healing and growth can begin to take place!

Much love and respect,

Katelyn Mabry

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