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Growing up, I always struggled with reading. For that reason, I decided to become a Reading Specialist so that I could turn a struggle into a strength. Having this experience allows me to connect with kids on a whole different level. I especially connect with children who have ADHD, because we are wired the same and, in a way, I feel there is a deeper level of understanding. I teach to a child’s skill level and cater each session to meet their interest and learning style needs.

Services Offered:

Initial Evaluation/1:1 Follow-up Consultation/ Complete Report Plan: $100


Tutoring Sessions: $65 per hour or $40 per 30 min session.

1:1 Parent Phone Consultation: First call is free 

Following call sessions: $50 per hour or $30 per 30 min. call. 

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For booking or to schedule a consult please contact:

Tel: 224-489-4400

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