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For Parents

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"Coach Mabry really knows how to teach to a child's needs. She was able to engage my son in ways that peaked his interests and motivated him to want to learn more about his brain! He wanted to practice growing his mindset so he could love himself more just the way he is! She leads with strengths as she helped him navigate through his personal struggles."

Your child has a uniquely wired mind. Learning how to respond to your child's individual ADHD brain allows you to discover tools and strategies that work best for your child. It is my passion to come alongside children and their families to investigate how the ADHD brain is working, intentionally work on a growing a foundational growth mindset that will lead to growth in each area of struggle. We will look into which executive function areas are extra tricky, how to respond to those big, intense emotions (emotional dysregulation), the effect ADHD has on social life, and so much more!! 

Services Offered:

90 Minute Power Hour ADHD Coaching Session


ADHD Life Coaching Session x 12 weeks with communication access between sessions.

1:1 Parent Phone Consultation: First call is free 


Please fill out the contact form below to set up a session. 


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