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For Educators

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"If you are looking for a positive, energetic speaker to talk to kids about ADHD, look no further!  Katelyn had our students on the edge of their seats participating with gusto! They loved it! Overall, a top notch presentation. We look forward to having her back in the future."

~Jennifer Loveless, School Administrator

Professional Development Workshop

During this interactive workshop style course, I come alongside teachers to help them better understand the mind of a child with ADHD. We identify the executive functioning skills that may be affected and align appropriate strategies to implement within the classroom environment so that the student feels both included and supported by both teacher and peers. We navigate the challenges of emotional regulation, as well as making and maintaining friendships Together, our mindsets grow as we explore the mind of ADHD.


Author Visit/School Visit

During this visit, I act as a voice for those who struggle with ADHD. I engage students in an interactive journey through my ADHD story and share what they need to know to better understand the mind of ADHD. I also go beyond and beneath the diagnosis to reveal gifts and a potential mindset shift. I provide knowledge and strategies for peers, teachers, and children who may struggle, to help add tools to the toolbox in their amazing minds! Please note that I am also able to adjust my presentation to share my journey towards becoming an author, or speak on "neurodiversity" as a whole! 

Please fill out the contact form below to set up a complimentary consultation and to book a session. 


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